Boeing Concept Innovation

This project was created by a team I led composed of mechanical engineers as well as graphic designers.

Although the main content (including the brief) of this project is still covered under an NDA, the process behind the innovations is documented below. To come up with the solution Boeing wanted, we used a process involving 5 main steps:
Identify, Research, Ideate, Refine, Debrief

(Images and content will be uncensored when NDA expires)

1. Identify

Once our brief was clarified, our topic down into multiple sub-sections. Each of these subsections contributed to different aspects of our prompt, which allowed us to further diversify our research.

2. Research

Continuing to further breakdown our topic, we settled on 4 main topics. These were meticulously studied over a few weeks, utilizing web research, academic studies, government data, and personal interviews. After that we ranked them based using a feasibility/impact chart to decide what are the best spaces for us to begin to ideate.

Our group also conducted our first round of interviews with flight attendants as to which areas they believe will help facilitate the most positive change.

3. Ideate

Once we began to ideate, we came up with around 10 solid concepts. We did one more round of interviews, made some alterations, then finalized our ideas. We then pitched those to our Boeing reps/higher ups and waited on feedback to decide how to move forward.

4. Refine

When we received our critiques and feedback from Boeing, we started working on our final deliverables. We broke off into smaller teams, with me being the team lead of two amazing mechanical engineers, Sarah and Justin who also went to the University of Cincinnati.

After much deliberation, we decided to put in the extra work and solve for both problems Boeing presented to us following our last presentation, rather than just one or the other.

Our main presentation piece was this journey map. Although all the content is blurred out, we analyzed every aspect, down to the smallest detail, or our chosen demographic’s journey. The picture below it is the new projected journey after implementing our solutions.

5. Debrief

Unfortunately, I’m still waiting on this step. Hopefully, there will be some patents filed for soon that have myself and my team’s name on them!