Cincinnati Children's Hospital

This project was a continuation of a previous project that was started by members of the design team I was a part of for this project. This project is also covered under an NDA, and unfortunately this one will not be released for quite a while.

Our Project

Our team was tasked with continuing an educational learning module for patients on ventricular assist devices. This module not only helped them learn to live with their device, it also gave them and their parents vital information about the device and situations which may arise.

The hospital gave us a 10 or so page document with the details of what they want covered in the module. We read through, then proceeded to storyboard some key moments throughout.

We reviewed and flushed out the storyboards, and then developed an asset list, making sure to include any assets from the previous year.

After this asset list was created, we split up to start asset creation and importing these assets into the learning module software. Next up was the incredibly tedious task of editing, reviewing, and changing each and every frame to match exactly what the hospital was asking.

We put everything into the software, churned out a voice script for a voice actor, synced up the audio when we received it, and then presented it to the team at CCH!

To the right are various style frames and/or stills from the module. Sensitive content has been removed, and unfortunately I am not able to show very much due to the NDA.