Team James Leadership

This project was a website for a life coach that reached out to my dad. He just wanted something simple and clean that conveyed who he was, what he did, how he did it, and how to get in contact with him. This was the result! 

As a heads up, the preview images can’t show parallax scrolling so the images are a bit glitched. To see it in action, visit!

Home Page

Aside from the normal info on the home page, he wanted a bio with a picture, a simple infographic that shows his process, and some testimonials. 

Christianity is a big part of his life and his motivation, which is what inspired me to use the mountains as motifs. Mountains are referenced continuously throughout the Bible, so I found a nice picture and went with it! He loved it.

Conferences and Seminars

Similar to the home page, the mountain motifs continued (Again, pardon the parallax issues in the preview. Seriously, go look at the website for an accurate view of what I was able to do!) He wanted a CTA and some more specific info on what his coaching entails, which I was happy to oblige.

Contact Page

Nothing special, just a very minimalistic/clean contact page!